How will the Hybrid Camp look like?

This year’s edition will look just like the previous ones. The only novelty will be two classes daily streamed from Los Angeles (live). We’ll take those classes in MAIN ROOM using the big screens.

HYBRID CAMP joins two options:

ON SPOT classes: 4-5 classes daily will be taught by teachers present at the Camp, directly for participants in the room.

ON STREAM classes: That’s new! 2 streams daily by choreographers straight from Los Angeles.

All of that in our MAIN ROOM for every participant, who will be with us during the Camp.

What teachers will show up at FPDC this year?

Let’s follow our social media channels – we regularly publish teachers over there who will teach this summer at the Camp.

→ Instagram → Facebook →Twitter

What are the access options this year?


If you fall ill with Covid shortly before the camp starts and you send the official confirmation of quarantine to info@fpadancecamp.com :

What exactly is the online platform – UNITED?

We’re joining forces with partners from different parts of the world to launch a unique online platform. We’re working with such Camps as BEAT CAMP, HDI, SUMMER JAM, and CAMP FABRIKA. UNITED is 17 new classes each day for 8 days of the project, in total there will be over 130 classes available on the platform.
Click here to read more about the project.

Where the online classes will be available?

For the participants who buy access to the UNITED platform, online classes will be available in their user panel.

How to get the access to the platform?

→ Buy the package you choose.
During the registration process use the code „FPDC”, which will allow you to get the 10% discount. online platform UNITED starts on August 7th, 2021.

How many classes will be on the platform?

17 classes a day. In total, it’s over 130 classes. We create a platform on which each of the partners (Camps) will share their classes every day from August 7 to 14, 2021.

How long will I have access to the UNITED online platform?

Two months since the end of Fair Play Dance Camp.

Who will teach on the UNITED platform?

You can check the lineup on our social media. We share the latest info there. Follow us theunited.dance

I bought a FPDC package, but I can’t get there due to restrictions. What now?

1 We give you access to the online platform UNITED. We’ll return the cost difference to your bank account.
2 We can return 100% of paid amount to your bank account.

I bought Camp, but I can’t leave my country. What now?

1 We give you access to the online platform UNITED. We’ll return the cost difference to your bank account.
2 We can return 100% of paid amount to your bank account.

I bought a FPDC package, but fell ill with Covid and can’t come due to quarantine. What now?

If you fall ill with Covid shortly before the camp starts and you send the official confirmation of quarantine to info@fpadancecamp.com :

1 We give you access to the online platform UNITED. We’ll return the cost difference to your bank account.
2 We can return 100% of paid amount to your bank account.

What safety measures can I expect at the festival?

Due to restrictions, we’ll adjust the event to the required safety measures.

As organizers, we’ll take care of every bit of guidelines concerning space for dancers or hand sanitizers.

Before the event, we’ll publish all the rules and restrictions, which all the participants and staff members should know and use.

Remember! If you notice any symptoms, you shouldn’t ignore them. Check your health status before the trip.

How many people will be able to join the Camp in Cracow?

We’ll host as many dancers as we will be able to due to restrictions.

As organizers, we have to be aware of the fact, that unexpected restrictions may pop up at the last moment and the number of people can be even more limited.

In a case like this, we PLAY FAIR. The order of registrations will decide about who can take part in the festival. Every participant will receive and individual code generated by the registration system with the participation confirmation.

In a situation in wich we will have to limit the amount of dancers in the room, we’ll inform all the participants authorized to take part in the event.

If you won’t be able to join us, you can choose one of two options:

We give you access to the online platform UNITED. We’ll return the cost difference to your bank account.
We can return 100% of paid amount to your bank account.

How should I prepare myself?

Don’t worry! We will inform you about everything at right time.

Before the event, we will publish the rules of conduct and a list of prohibited behaviors to which both all participants and the event production should adapt.

What is Fair Play Dance Camp?

It’s Europe’s biggest educational dance festival, which for the 10th time will take place in Kraków, from 7th to 16th of August 2021.

You will meet top choreographers, best teachers, and participants from all over the world. It’s a chance to master choreography created by the top artists and to learn techniques with elements of many different styles, like hip hop, contemporary, locking, popping, house, etc.

FPDC is not only about classes – it’s 8 days of 24/7 amazing experience, a huge amount of knowledge, motivation, and high-class entertainment.

Fair Play Dance Camp is also known for its large campus that allows the participants to dance, learn, have fun, and also be accommodated in one place. It’s convenient and safe, but most of all it brings everybody together and creates an unforgettable atmosphere

I got some questions. Who I should talk to?

Organizational matters (Write to Mr Bee! You’ll get an answer within 24 hours):
→ info@fpdancecamp.com
+48 504 512 212

Monday – Tuesday: 9:00 – 17:00 (CEST – Central Europe Summer Time)
Wednesday: 8:00 – 12:00 (CEST);
Thursday – Friday: 9:00 – 17:00 (CEST);
Saturday – Sunday: Non-working days.

How to become the Fair Play Dance Camp participant?

It’s easy!
1 Come in HERE
2 Choose a package
3 Fill in the form
4 Pay
5 You will receive a confirmation of the package purchase by e-mail

Do I have to be experienced dancer to come to FPDC?

NO 😉
We don’t set any limits here. It’s enough that you love dancing, just like we do. FPDC workshops are an unforgettable experience – regardless of your skills, age or style of dance! This is their greatest advantage!

Where do the participants come from?

FPDC 2021 participants’ countries

FPDC 2021 participants are coming from all around the world

Poland / Russia / Israel / Germany / Italy / Romania / Ukraine / Greece / France / Turkey / Bulgaria / Iceland / Austria / India / Spain / Inited Kingdom / Lithuania / El Salvador / Latvia / Switzerland / Belarus / Estonia / Hungary / Norway / Slovakia / Georgia / Croatia / Finland / Marocco / Netherlands / United States of America / Belgium / Czech Republic / Saudi Arabia / Trinidad and Tobago / Algeria / Australia / Azerbeijan / Brazil / Cyprus / Denmark / Iceland / Kazakhstan / New Zealand / Portugal / Singapore / Slovenia / Sweden / Canada / Macedonia and more…

What are the dancing conditions?

Classes take place in professionally adapted, spacious and air-conditioned room with large screens, platform for choreographers, stage lighting and high quality sound system.

The floor in our rooms is adapted to the needs of sports training. It amortizes the movement and reduces the risk of injuries. Our goal is to create an unique atmosphere and comfortable conditions to progress.

Can I get a visa invitation?

YES! To receive an invitation, you must pay at least the first installment.
Fill the form → here
As soon as we get the information we’ll send you visa invitation.
The data will only be used to create an invitation and will then be deleted.

How does my package work?

It’s the ALL-INCLUSIVE package. Briefly – you get your wristband and take part in all the available activities. You can attend any classes – you decide which one you like the most. This package contains accommodation and food for the whole 9 days of the event. What’s more! If you have the SUPREME XL package, you can buy an access to UNITED online platform with 50% discount.

This package does not contain accommodation and food, but it allows you to take all of the classes during the event. You can also buy an access to UNITED online platform with 50% discount with this package.

Join our Facebook group

In the ‘GET READY TO FAIR PLAY DANCE CAMP SUMMER 2021‘ group you will find informations about how to prepare for FPDC.
In the group you can post questions and or let us know about any doubts – we will try to answer them as best as we can.
This group is also a way to find a roommate, a travel companion or simply to meet other dancers.

Should I provide some documents?

YES! Underage participants who will be accommodated on the campus must provide the following documents.

All documents must be completed by a parent/legal guardian and the scan must be sent to info@fpdancecamp.com no later than 30 June 2021.

→ INFORMATION CARD – contains general information about the participant who is under our care.
→ CARE RESIGNATION FORM – fill in this form if you have your own guardian on campus and do not want to be in our care.
→ PARENT’S AGREEMENT FOR NON-TYPICAL ACCOMMODATION – fill out this form if you want to be accommodated with an adult or with a person of the opposite sex. If you do not provide us with a scan of your document in time, you will be accommodated according to the general rules of the event. We do not guarantee that you can change your accommodation later on.

Take the original documents with you and give them to the camp supervisor on the first day of the festival. This is very important!


Please also remember to send us your photo for your FPDC pass.

How old should I be to join the FPDC?

Age doesn’t matter! Anybody can dance.
The age range of our dancers is 11-99 years.

How does underage care look like?

You chosen the XL package, are you underage, and are you on campus? You are under our care. Our qualified tutors will take care of your safety and will help you in any need.

You will be accommodated with a dancer of the same gender, age and, if possible, speaking the same language. You will be divided into smaller groups (about 10 people), of similar age. Your rooms will be placed next to each other.

The whole community of dancers will treat the youngest participants with respect and support at every step. They always have places in the first row, without exception.
Remember that you cannot leave the campus without consulting it with your guardian. Leaving the campus must be agreed in advance with the FPDC organizers and the minor’s parents.

Additional rules for underage participants

① Underage participants under organizer’s care are obliged to:
→ follow the instructions of coordinators and teachers
→ bring ID document (school ID, passport, etc.).
→ come in time for the classes, meals and meetings
→ not to leave the Venue area without the knowledge and consent of tutors
→ take care of cleanliness, order and entrusted property
→ respect the colleagues, educators and others
→ comply with the general safety rules regarding among others: swimming pool and car traffic
→ inform Camp staff about any illness or malaise
→ respect the “curfew” set by the organizer.

② Participant (or their parents / guardians) bear financial responsibility for damages caused by him while traveling or staying at the camp.

③ All the valuable things as well as money should be given to counselors for deposit. Organizer does not take responsibility for stolen things not given to deposit.

It is forbidden: to buy, have and drink alcohol. Purchase, have and smoke tobacco. Purchase and take drugs.

⑤ No people from outside of the camp are allowed to visit without a permission of counselor or head of the camp (does not apply to parents/guardians).

⑥ In case of serious violation of rules participant can be crossed out from the list of participants, and after warning the parents, expelled from the camp on his/her own cost or parents/guardian. In this case person responsible for participant must pick up the kid in 48 hours. If not, Camp organizer reserves the right to hand the participant to the police.

Tell me something more about the Los Angeles Scholarship

From among the participants with Supreme and Supreme XL packages, we’re going to choose the most committed dancer of Fair Play Dance Camp 2021. Work hard, share the good vibe and show us the best you’ve got. We will reward you with a scholarship that includes classes in professional Los Angeles dance studios + $1000 for flight tickets to LA.

Is there wifi on campus?

Only few rooms in our hostels have access to free WIFI. In the rest of them you’ll find a bit oldschool RJ45 power outlet. You need your own wire (and notebook or WIFI router) to use the Internet in your room coming form RJ45. We know it’s not the technology 21st century deserves, but we roll like this 🙂 However, we want to provide free WIFI spots all over the campus.

Get ready for the first day of FPDC

How do I get to Fair Play Dance Camp?
The AWF campus address is John Paul II Street 78, Krakow. If you arrive by a car, drive from Nowohucka Street (in Google Maps search for: Boguszówka 4, Krakow). This is the closest gate to the registration point. Remember that cars must stay outside the campus.

How do I get the package?
At the FPDC registration point (in the Main Room). Show us your ID or your passport and we will take care of the rest!

On the first day the registration point is open from 12 pm to 6 pm. Will you reach the campus after 18:00? Go directly to HOSTEL #1 to check in. You will pick up the package the next morning at the FPDC registration desk.

What should I take with me?

Comfortable, loose clothes for dancing and sport shoes
In case of bad weather, it’s worth having extra shoes to avoid bringing mud and water into the room.

Spare towels
The hostel provides one towel, but it’s worth having additional ones, e.g. to take to the training or pool.

Swimming suit
There will be a small swimming pool on campus, don’t forget to pack your swimming suit.

It will certainly be useful for small expenses (FPDC Shop, Food Trucks, night barbecue area).

What’s the address of Fair Play Dance Camp 2021 Hybrid Camp?

Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego w Krakowie
Al. Jana Pawła II 78, 31-571 Kraków – get to us from Nowohucka street
→ Check it in Google Maps


Cravov is a classy and historical city. Its pulsing rhythm and artistic energy make it the perfect meeting ground for hundreds of dancers during the summer edition of Fair Play Dance Camp.

The city is among the most popular tourist destinations in Poland. Its awe-inspiring charm, unique atmosphere and more than 6,000 historical monuments are the reason for that. Put into words, Cracov is beautiful, atmospheric and absolutely exceptional.

Cracov is also pragmatic. Having well-planned transportation routes, surrounded by a network of railway and easily accessible from abroad thanks to the modern Cracov Airport located in Cracov-Balice.


I’m looking for someone I can travel with

Leave your ad at our GET READY Facebook group: http://bit.ly/fpdc_ready. It was created for purposes like this! 🙂

General safety measures

Accommodation, canteen, dance workshops, and evening events take place in a single AWF complex. This is a huge convenience for the participants who do not have to commute on their own between the hotel and the workshops.
Additional safety measures will be provided by security staff in the campus area.
There are a few dozens of staff members who are ready to help our participants – including physiotherapist, medical consultant.
All participants accommodated at the campus are covered by accident insurance.

Friendly city

Kraków is a well-know place where cultures and nations meet. Its dwellers are tolerant, and they welcome foreigners as partners, regardless of their skin color or religious beliefs. At the end of the day, we’re all here united by our love for dance.

How can I pay for FPDC?

You can pay with a credit card or a bank transfer.

Bank transfer details:
Payment in PLN → PL 23 1050 1823 1000 0090 7745 7258
Payment in EUR → PL 08 1050 1025 1000 0091 0080 3106

Name of the recipient:
Karol Niecikowski Fair Play Art, Al. 1000-lecia P.P. 10/137 , 15-111 Białystok, Polska

Bank details:
ING BANK ŚLĄSKI ul. Sokolska 34 40-086 Katowice, Poland

Payment Title
Name and surname, name of the package, John Doe, SUPREME XL.
Please don’t mess up with the bank account number 🙂

Payment terms
You can pay in 3 installments:
→ FIRST INSTALLMENT: 500 PLN / 125 EUR no later than 3 working-days from registration
→ SECOND INSTALLMENT: 800 PLN / 175 EUR no later than 10 may 2021
→ THIRD INSTALLMENT: supplement payment no later than 30 June 2021

Note: it’s not possible to pay on the spot – please, keep the payment schedule!

Why haven’t I received any confirmation yet?

Check the spam folder or other tabs (offers, notifications, etc.) Be sure to add → info@fairplayregister.com and → info@fpdancecamp.com to your address book. If possible, register using your gmail address. If the above advices didn’t help, write to us or call us. We will find a solution 🙂

I can’t come for personal reasons. Can I cancel my order?

Yes. You can opt-out of the event at your own request, then the cancellation fees will be deducted:

→ To 40 days before the event starts – regular handling fee 400 PLN / 100 EUR,
→ From 39 to 31 days before the event starts – to 20% of the events price,
→ From 30 to 21 days before the event starts – to 30% of the events price,
→ From 20 to 14 days before the event starts – to 50% of the events price,
→ From 13 to 8 days before the event starts – to 70% of the events price,
→ From 7 to 2 days before the event starts – to 80% of the events price,
→ One day before the event starts or on the day of the event – to 90% of the event’s price.

→ To 40 days before the event starts – regular handling fee 500 PLN / 125 EUR,
→ From 39 to 31 days before the event starts – to 20% of the events price,
→ From 30 to 21 days before the event starts – to 30% of the events price,
→ From 20 to 14 days before the event starts – to 50% of the events price,
→ From 13 to 8 days before the event starts – to 70% of the events price,
→ From 7 to 2 days before the event starts – to 80% of the events price,
→ One day before the event starts or in the day of the event – to 90% of the events price.

We want to give you a chance to receive the full paid amount back. Find someone for your place and write to info@fpdancecamp.com for more information.

How should I prepare for the online registration?

Step 1.
Select a package. SUPREME XL or SUPREME SUPER XL include accommodation in Hostel #1 by default. If you want to upgrade the standard of accommodation or you are an underage participant?Choose Hostel #2 or #3 (extra payment 120 PLN/30 EUR).

Step 2.
Prepare your own selfie if you buy a Level Up, Class 25 or Class 20 package (JPG format, file not bigger than 5 MB).
Choose one with no sunglasses or anything covering your face.

Step 3.
Fill the form (name, surname, address, e-mail, date of birth, contact phone, etc.).
Are you underage? The registration form must be filled in by your parent or legal guardian. You will need your parent’s details.

Step 4.
Do you want to live in a room with a specific person? Prepare their name for the registration.

Step 5.
Are you a minor? Decide whether you stay under our care or not. If you have your own guardian among the participants we will ask you to give their name and ID card number.

Step 6.
Everything ready?

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram – we will remind you about the start of the sale!

One of the best things about Fair Play Dance Camp is that it offers all in one place. You dance, sleep, eat, have fun, learn and relax on one convenient campus. It’s a real 24/7 experience!

Whats the hostel standard?


HOSTELS #2 and #3 were reconditioned during last years. All the hostels are based in the same place as workshops and other highlights of the festival, which is very convenient for the participants.

All the rooms ar doubles with bathroom (toilet, shower, washbasin) and a balcony. There’s a bedding and towels, but only one for each person. It’s also changed only once during the whole festival, so it may be a good idea to have your own towel too. There are no hairdryers, fridges or irons in the room.

Only few rooms in hostels have access to free WIFI. In the rest of them you’ll find a bit old school RJ45 sockets. To use them you’ll need your own wire (and a computer or wifi router) to use the Internet in your room. We know that’s not exactly 21st century tech, but this is how we roll. However, we’re working on some free WIFI spots all around the campus.

There’s a shared kitchen available on every floor. The reception is open all day and night. There’s a LIDL (grocery store) next to hostel #3. We accept pets. There’s a laundry room in one of the hostels (you have to pay to use it). It’s possible to rent an iron, a boiling pot, an ironing board etc. The rooms are cleaned once during the whole festival.

After collecting a package in a FPDC registration point, ever participant should visit HOSTEL #2 reception in person and get the keys to his/her room. Even if your key has been already taken by your roommate, still every participant is obligated to check-in in HOSTEL #2.


SUPREME XL option is a 9-days food package. Meals start with a dinner on August 7th and end up with a breakfast on August 16th.

The food package contains three meals daily – a breakfast, a lunch, and a dinner. There’s no possibility of creating an individual diet.

You’re a vegetarian or have some allergies? Contact us and we’ll get the food option out of your package. AWF kitchen does not prepare vegan meals. BUT don’t worry! There’ll be some vegan food trucks on the campus and you can use them every day (paid additionally).

Food Trucks

We’re planning a (day and night) Food Truck zone on the campus. You’ll find there some varied cuisine, coffee, smoothies, waffles and ice cream. We’ll give you some details closer to the festival.


Fair Play Dance Camp is known for its convenient location on the campus of Cracows AWF (Physical Education Academy), where we all live, train, learn and party. It guarantees comfort, safety and creates an unforgettable vibe.

Fair Play Bus from airport straight to AWF

You can book the spot in Fair Play Bus, which will run between the airport and the campus on August 7th. A one-way ticket is around 40 PLN ( more info in July).

By plane

There’s one airport in Cracow – KRAKÓW-BALICE [KRK]. For more info visit: www.krakowairport.pl. The airport is located 20 minutes by car from the AWF campus.
We advise you to use following platforms to get the tickets: skyscanner.com, ryanair.com, easyjet.com, kayak.com.
LOT airlines (lot.com) offer regular links between Warsaw and Cracow.

By train

Your station is PKP KRAKÓW GŁÓWNY. Timetable is available on www.rozklad-pkp.pl. Buy tickets on-line: intercity.pl.

By car

Go here
Maps ViaMichelin: viamichelin.com
Share the spot in your car!
We encourage you to travel together. If you have a free spot in your car, write about it in our Facebook group.
We also advise you to use blablacar.pl platform to make shared traveling and settlements more efficient.

By taxi/uber

Taxi from airport costs about 55 PLN. From the main stations its about 25 PLN.
Thanks to UBER or iTAXI.pl apps you can order the ride in your phone.
✓ You don’t need cash (Your bank account is connected with your card)
✓ You know in advance how much you’ll pay

By public transport

Get to us by bus or tram!
Here you’ll check the schedule and lines: krakow.jakdojade.pl
One ticket is 3,40 PLN.
A ticket for 90 mins is 6 PLN.
More ticket prices HERE.
Remember that it’s best to get to us from the gate by Nowohucka street.

Get to the tram nr 14 on the „Dworzec Główny” stop
Get out on the „Rondo 308 Dywizjonu) stop
Walk 320 metres to the north
Get to the tram 52 or 4 on the „Dworzec Główny” stop
Get out on the „AWF” stop and walk straight to the campus.

Search for „Registration” signs, which will guide you to the registration point.