Online Platform UNITED – this is one of a kind online event in the world. In collaboration with such camps as BEAT CAMP, HDI, SUMMER JAM and CAMP FABRIKA we create a platform where each camp will upload their classes – 17 daily. In total participants are allowed to take more than 130 classes! Access to the platform will be valid for 2 months from the end of FPDC. UNITED project was created to support and strengthen the international dance community.

UNITED #TogetherStronger

Take classe from the best teachers around the world. No matter where you are – focus & invest in your growth! When buying access to the UNITED online platform use the ‘FPDC’ code which will give you 10% discount!

The ONLINE feature may be especially interesting for those of you, who won’t be able to come to Cracow.
The platform thanks to which you will take the online classes is created with the best dance festivals from all over the world
There will be over 130 classes on the platform
During the festival, 17 new classes will arrive on the platform daily
Access to the platform lasts for two more months since the end of the Camp
Buy Camp and get a 50% discount on access to the UNITED online platform!
Can’t come to Camp? Buy access to the UNITED online platform and use the ‘FPDC’ code -10% discount!